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Power of THE LIST

Use the power of THE LIST to your advantage. THE LIST will allow you to save quotes and jobs, while creating an ongoing inventory list. Find the many uses of THE LIST including sending a completed list
to another staff member or purchasing manager. We have even added the convenience of total weight of a list, live view of inventory and you can even email your quotes to clients.
Find the many ways THE LIST can help you get the competitive edge.
Add to Your List from any page 0of the Website

Save Your List to One of 3 Categories

Continue to Create an Open List without Interruptions
Use “Quick List” to Add up to 30 Products to Any List
Add to Your List from The Shopping Cart

Upload Your Personal Excel Spreadsheet to Create or Add to List
Price and Stock Status is Always Current on Your List
Ability to Edit your Quantity, Add and Delete

Weights are Always Included in Your List to Help Estimate Shipping Cost
Saved Lists Allow “Notes” Added which is a Perfect Communication Tool
Saved Lists Have Instant Add to Cart Capability
Send Your Clients a Custom Quote via Email

Custom Quote via Email Allows for Price Upcharge, Labor and Misc Charges
Easily Transfer a List to Purchasing Manager

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