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Reference guides

If you are involved in repairing hydraulic systems, we know you require more than just seals. The Technical Information PDF files below include fluid formulas, conversion factors, dimensional information and other useful guides to assist you with the repair of your hydraulic system. You can also view or download a variety of engineering charts.

Hercules also has an in-house Engineering Department which can assist you with seal design, material testing and seal failure analysis. To speak directly to a Hercules Engineer, please call 727-796-1300 or 800-777-5617.

Reference Guides

Technical Information

Inch and Metric Conversion Table

Fluid Compatibility Table

Groove Dimensions for Urethane Seals

O-Ring Gland Dimensions

O-Ring Size Chart and Installation Data - Metric

Seal Kit Identification Code Conversion Chart

Typical Sealing Components

Hydraulic Cylinder Applications

Common Telescopic Cylinders

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